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Soccertown USA

A new documentary has just been released, and is free to watch on Youtube, about the remarkable story of Kearny, New Jersey and the town’s role in the history of U.S. soccer. One of the makers of the film, Tom McCabe, has also written an interesting piece about an African-American soccer player from Kearny in… Read More »

Coach K, Jay Heaps and an Improbable Relationship

He paces along the sidelines, arms crossed. Sometimes, he sits, hand on chin. Nevertheless, his expression remains stern, almost intimidating to the participants and referees alike. He closely observes the contest in its entirety, never once shifting his attention away from the action before his eyes. Such mannerisms may be aptly ascribed to Mike Krzyzewski,… Read More »

Warum sagen wir Soccer?

Jeder weißt, dass amerikanischer Fußball und europäischer Fußball nicht gleich sind. Eigentlich würde niemand „europäischer Fußball“ sagen, weil der Sport nur „Fußball“ genannt wird. Aus einem unbekannten Grund, wollten Amerikaner ihren eigenen Sport mit dem gleichen Namen haben. Diese Entscheidung macht es sehr schwer für amerikanische Jugendliche, über Fußball zu diskutieren, besonders in ihrer Deutsch-Klasse, wenn sie… Read More »

Will the U.S. Ever Truly Master the ‘Art’ of Soccer?

In Soccer in Sun and Shadow, Eduardo Galeano proclaims the United States to be “the home of baseball” and sarcastically describes efforts by the American media to herald soccer as “the sport of the future” during the 1994 World Cup. Americans, however, do not necessarily appreciate soccer to a lesser extent than others. As of… Read More »

Robbie Rogers, Sexuality and the Institution of Football

On May 26, 2013, Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder Robbie Rogers became the first openly gay male to compete within a major North American professional sports league, stepping onto the pitch in the 77th minute of his club’s match against the Seattle Sounders and demonstrating, even if for only several minutes, a liberation he had never… Read More »

Public Money for Private Stadiums?

On Wednesday, Minnesota United was officially announced as an expansion side into Major League Soccer. The franchise looks to build a 20,000 seat stadium from scratch; however, the Minnesota Governor stated that Minnesota United and Major League Soccer will not be receiving public money for their private stadium [1]. Minnesota Democrats and Republicans came out in… Read More »

Influx of foreign players into Major League Soccer

With the start of the 2015 Major League Soccer (MLS) season and the newly signed Collective Bargaining Agreement, there are many notable things going on for soccer in the United States. Specifically, it is important to note the increasing presence of foreign soccer stars playing in the MLS. Now more than ever before, foreign players are scattered throughout the… Read More »