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Riquelme: The Artist Lays Down the Brush, One Month Later

When Boca Juniors manager Héctor Veira decided to give 18-year old Juan Román Riquelme his senior-level debut on November 10, 1996, he knew exactly what he was doing. What he saw was a young, strong, resilient central attacking midfielder with an incisive passing game and goal-scoring eye to match. He would eventually metamorphose into an… Read More »

No Pierdas La Cabeza, Atlético

Últimamente Atlético Madrid se ha encontrado en el noticiero del mundo de futbol a menudo – desafortunadamente, las noticias que rodean el club no han sido positivas completamente. Como Diego Simeone y sus “Colchoneros” preparan para su próximo partido contra RCD Espanyol en el 4 del Marzo, el equipo está lidiando con un decepcionante empate… Read More »

Goal vs. Gol

Real Madrid faced Real Sociedad this morning, and, as predicted (and as per usual), los Blancos came out on top.  One of the highlights of the match: Karim Benzema’s beautiful goal in the 75th minute.  I was watching the game in English, but afterwards, when I wanted to see the highlight again, I found a Spanish-language version–and… Read More »

Is James Rodriguez Really Worth €81 Million?

James Rodriguez is a 23 year old Colombian soccer player, who was recently transferred to Real Madrid after playing for AS Monaco FC. James has been an excellent player for some time now, but gained significantly more fame recently after stellar performance playing for Colombia at the 2014 World Cup. That being said €81 million… Read More »

La Comisión de Seguridad, Respeto y Tolerancia

El 19 de enero, la Real Federación Española de Fútbol (RFEF) constituyó una nueva comisión dentro de la organización: La Comisión de Seguridad, Respeto y Tolerancia. La Comisión tiene el propósito de promover el respeto y la tolerancia en el fútbol y prevenir la violencia, el racismo y la xenofobia. El presidente de la Comisión… Read More »

Youth Soccer

A football club cannot be successful without cultivating new young talent to supplement older veterans. This changeover is essential to continue moving forward. Clubs all over the world pay particular attention to developing their future stars for many reasons. If a club nurtures its younger players with the correct support and coaching the result will… Read More »