December 9, 2023

Kate Flanagan

What has your involvement with DEID looked like?
I joined DEID this year and got involved with the EIA project. I am one of the design managers and have been working on learning the bridge design processes and creating our own unique design for our bridge in Bolivia!

Why are you a part of DEID?
DEID is an organization of amazing people who collaborate on ethical and impactful engineering projects, learning new skills and making friends along the way! I am interested in exploring how we, as future engineers, can learn new principles and ideals which can be used to enable under-resourced communities to gain autonomy, resources, and knowledge and in return to allow us to learn about new and interesting cultures and people.

What you are most excited for about your project or DEID?
I am excited to see the final design and plan come together after all the work we will have done to make it the best possible bridge we can!

Fun Fact
I help raise service dogs on campus so one of my roomates is a puppy!

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