Uganda 2012
Uganda Fill Station

We are designing water fill stations in Nkokonjeru, Uganda, to combat malaria and improve quality of life. We traveled to Nkokonjeru over the summer of 2012 to implement site-tailored water tanks to collect water over night and distribute water more efficiently during the day. Our reliable design is made of locally available materials, and it is expected to last a minimum of 20 years. We worked with a local Ugandan non-governmental organization called the Rural Agency for Sustainable Development (RASD) and the local town council to ensure our project’s feasibility. Nkokonjeru is a rural community of 11,000 in southeastern Uganda that faces substantial challenges in water supply. Every villager lives within a twenty-minute walk of a water source, but women and young children spend hours each day waiting in line for water. A group of Duke students traveled on an assessment trip to Nkokonjeru in May 2010 to conduct interviews and assess water quality. The village chiefs stressed that the long wait times for water were one of their primary concerns. Our proposed design will drastically reduce these wait times, thus improving quality of life for community members.

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