Uganda 2017

DEID aims to address infrastructure disparities and regional decentralization in Uganda through grassroots efforts in Kanyegaramire, a rural village in the Kyenjojo district that exemplifies the lag time between the construction of a thriving village and the ability to connect the local economy and local people to more developed national networks. Over the summers of 2017 and 2018, Duke engineering students will put their education into practice to construct a multi-purpose clinic/community center building and vehicular bridge in collaboration with the Ugandan non-profit Bringing Hope to the Family. Implementation of the clinic will be during summer 2017 and surveying for bridge construction will also be conducted this summer. Implementation of the bridge project will take place during summer 2018.

Vast wetlands inhibit efficient access to main roads from Kanyegaramire (marked).

The Uganda team has recently began the conceptual design phase and developed the tentative floor plan below for the clinic and community center building for Kanyegaramire. This building will have electrical capabilities through solar panels lining the roof.