Indonesia 2020

The Indonesia Project will be focused on improving sanitation treatment systems by retrofitting existing toilets in a community located in South Kalimantan. Over the past three years, DEID has been planning to partner with Yayasan Kaganangan Banua to improve sanitation and wastewater treatment systems in South Kalimantan, Indonesia. Sanitation is a critical global health issue facing much of the world, and especially in coastal and other low-lying areas where moving and treating sanitary wastes is a significant issue. The current sanitation systems in South Kalimantan are virtually nonexistent, with almost all of the waste from toilets being deposited in the Martapura River. With the goal of reducing waterborne illnesses and preventable deaths, the DEID Indonesia team and Yayasan Kaganangan Banua, in cooperation with local community members, are working to design a wastewater attachment for these toilets to reduce the waste that enters the river.