B2P Bolivia 2018

About Our Project: 

In the summer of 2018, our team comprised of undergraduate Duke students from a variety of academic focuses will set out to build a pedestrian footbridge with an isolated community in Bolivia. We are partnering with an organization, Bridges to Prosperity (B2P), which is an international organization that works with universities and corporations to end poverty caused by rural isolation by building pedestrian footbridges in isolated communities.

To learn more about our partnering organization B2P, please check out:

Throughout the year, the team will been meeting weekly to prepare, design, and instruct bridge building practices and methods in preparation for implementation of the project. The project leaders, Kate White and Rikki Kendall, conducted a Tag-Along Bridge Build with Rutgers University this past summer where they were able to experience the entirety of the critical construction phase, essential to the build of the project. That experience, along with workshops at the B2P Bridge Conference in October 2017, has prepared the two project leaders to lead Duke’s renewed Bridges to Prosperity Chapter.

On Campus: We have weekly meetings with our team to discuss fundraising, learn about safety practices, learn about construction and design techniques, and discuss the cultural and ethical aspects of global development. Some ideas for future meetings that we are going to implement include workshops with global health professors, construction workshops, weekly safety topic presentations, and design practice. There is also a course, CEE 315, that is offered in the spring that is associated with our project. Students in this class will help work on the bridge design as a class project.  On campus we are trying to raise awareness about DEID and our project to grow our chapter and we are also working on fundraising by doing different events.

To see weekly updates check out our meeting minutes here:

Community Partnership: Bridges to Prosperity is facilitating the partnership of our team with an isolated community in Bolivia, and we will know the details of this after November 15th.


The team will be implementing a suspended footbridge utilizing the Bridges to Prosperity Bridge Manual as a guide for design. The B2P team of engineers will provide us with survey points of which we will base our bridge design. Most of the team members involved in the design will be taking a design class at Duke listed as CEE-315 which will be dedicated to implementing our bridge design.


The team, composed of 8 undergraduate Duke students with a variety of academic focuses, will be designing and implementing the project during the upcoming year under the oversight of Duke University civil and environmental engineering professor, Dr. David Schaad.

We will in country for 8 weeks, working side by side with the community every day. Our likely dates of travel are from late June to early August.

How to Get Involved:

This project will be open to all students from Duke. We encourage non-engineers and non-DEID members to apply and participate as well.

If you are interested in supporting our team or would like to learn more, please contact our project leaders:

Rikki Kendall –

Kate White –

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