El Salvador 2014
El Salvador pennant

This year’s team traveled to El Salvador in order to implement a water filtration and storage system in La Estancia, a small community on the outskirts of San Jose Villanueva. They previously had access to water from a stream that came from a spring uphill, yet was extremely contaminated by the time it reached La Estancia. They had a piping system in place to bring water from the stream to a set of wash stations, but their piping was old and often would not function well. We replaced the piping with around 80 meters of PVC tubing that was buried or secured by other methods in order to ensure that it would not get damaged. Along this piping, we constructed a plate settler system that helped to filter the water. Finally, we built an approximately 9000 liter tank to hold this water, which could then be routed to the pre-existing wash stations in order to be used by the community.

Check out this Facebook Album for the photos we’ve taken there!