The Kenya team is working on the design of a Level 3 community health center, which means there is at least 1 doctor, clinical officer, nurse, as well as accompanying services such as preventative services and counseling. They are working with Restoring Hopes Ministries, a local non-profit, to construct the health center over the Mama Rosalina Obera Land. The project managers, Emily and Nimaye, are working on organizing deliverables for the rest of the semester and teaching the overview of the design process to the team members.While the team will not travel this upcoming summer, they are hitting the ground running on different aspects of the facility design. The team is broken down into 3 sub teams: Hydrology (grading, drainage, and rain catchment), Water infrastructure (borehole & potable water sources, septic, and water reuse system), and Structural (architectural design, structural design, and bill of quantities). All 3 sub teams are working on an overview of civil engineering concepts and starting the design process. The 2 sub teams dealing with WASH principles have meetings on Sundays @ 3-4 PM in Wilkinson 126. The Structural sub team has meetings on Sundays @ 4:15-5:15 PM in Wilkinson 126. If interested in joining the Kenya general project meetings, they are held on Sundays at 12 PM in Wilkinson 130! If interested in joining the Kenya team, join the Kenya Google Drive and the Slack Channel (Slack Channel ID: C05QKLGSEB0). If you have any questions about the team, please reach out to Emily Hallock ( or Nimaye Garodia (