Honduras 2017

This year we will be returning to the mountain community of El Pital, Atlantida, Honduras, located near the city of La Ceiba on Honduras’s northern coast. We will be working with our community partner, Un Mundo, to construct two research oriented pilot projects: cookstoves that vent smoke out of homes, and industrial grease traps to replace barrel grease traps currently in place in the community’s grey-water treatment system, which DEID constructed last year. This year we have also assisted the community in hiring an engineer to design the new water distribution system, and we will continue to advise the community leaders as construction begins in the coming months. Our goal for the 2017 spring semester is to research, design, and raise funds for these projects. In the summer, we will be constructing both the industrial grease traps and cookstoves; we will also be bringing donated cameras to the community that the local schools can use as an arts teaching tool. To learn more about our community partner, Un Mundo, visit their website here.

For more information, please contact Hunter McNamara at hunter.mcnamara@duke.edu or Sarah Blau at sarah.n.blau@duke.edu!