Madagascar 2016

Through a partnership with the Lemur Center, we constructed a project that not only benefits a local community in Madagascar but also aligns with the Lemur Center Conservation initiative.  The Lemur Center supports capacity building, education, and research in the SAVA region of Madagascar.  DEID is excited to partner with this initiative whose mission aligns so well with DEID’s goal of implementing high impact engineering projects.  To give you an idea of the Lemur Center SAVA Conservation’s work, their mission statement is below.

“The mission of SAVA Conservation is to encourage biodiversity conservation in the SAVA region by supporting the livelihoods of rural people in forest bordering communities and through collaborations with local environmental organizations and governmental institutions to promote environmental education, reforestation, freshwater fish farms, family planning, fuel-efficient cook stoves, and conservation oriented lemur research projects.”

Check out more about the 2016 project in Madagascar: