Madagascar 2017

The 2017 project in Madagascar was the second Duke Engineers for International Development (DEID) project in the country. Based on information gathered by the 2016 DEID Madagascar team, DEID returned to Manantenina, a small village in the SAVA region of Madagascar, in hopes of implementing a water distribution network. The ideal trajectory for the project was to tap a water source and develop one singular water line to the village to give them year round access to clean water. Due to the immensity of the project, it was split into two parts. DEID Madagascar 2017 constructed the dam to collect the water from the natural source, as well as a filter to clean it. The dam and filter are located in Anolakely, approximately one kilometer west of Manantenina. The pipeline and a distribution system consisting of 9-12 taps throughout the village should be completed as a future DEID project. The aim of the distribution system will be to make access to clean water convenient for all residents.

In interviews conducted with members of the Manantenina community and an interview with the Fokantany (president), it has been evident to both DEID teams that issues of unsanitary water have plagued the village for many years. While residents are aware that the water from the river is unclean and makes them sick, they continue to drink the water and fall ill because of lack of an alternative option. Many families drink boiled rice water when they can, but large families are often unable to afford the fuel necessary to take this measure to prevent waterborne illness. As such, DEID Madagascar’s aim is to provide a water distribution network as a sustainable source of clean drinking water for the village.