November 27, 2023

Maya Reeves

What has your involvement with DEID looked like?
I was CRM for the Eswatini project last year. I traveled with the team and loved working with EIA. I am currently one of the design managers for the Bolivia project. I also have worked with fundraising and outreach, mostly through tabling on the BCP.

Why are you a part of DEID?
DEID offers the hands-on experience I need to achieve my dream of working in Global Development Engineering. The DEID community is a wonderful way to find your passions, spend time with like-minded people, and learn how we as civil engineers can make a difference in the world.

What you are most excited for about your project or DEID?
I am so excited to use my experience last year to inform the design and construction this years bridge, and improve my Spanish in Bolivia!

Fun Fact
Once I dyed my eyebrows purple on a dare

Fundraising Goal


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