November 27, 2023

Hana Thibault

What has your involvement with DEID looked like?
During my first year I was a part of the Bolivia team’s cultural relations team but since then have been involved in exec. Last year I was a member of the events team while this year I am a part of the finance team.

Why are you a part of DEID?
I am a part of DEID because I believe it is an organization with a lasting impact. The students in the organization not only get to apply the skills they are learning in class but more importantly get real hands on experiences within communities to see how their work, in collaboration with the local people, create real change for communities.

What you are most excited for about your project or DEID?
I am most excited for DEID’s continued expansion and the multi-year relationships that are being formed with the communities.

Fun Fact
I am currently studying abroad in Australia!

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