November 27, 2023

Ahmer Siddique

What has your involvement with DEID looked like?
I have been to several meetings, and really gotten to understand and know a lot about the culture and environment for the DEID Uganda Project. I’ve started to understand the technical aspect of each project, the hours of work it takes to begin construction. I’ve also begun to read about the dangers of voluntourism and the delicacy that these projects require.

Why are you a part of DEID?
I am a part of DEID because I want honest and worthwhile experience in the things I love, while also helping others. DEID requires a higher standard of service than many other opportunities and I want meet and exceed the expectations my project requires.

What you are most excited for about your project or DEID?
I am most excited to get on the ground and start building. The physical labor, though intensive, is the most rewarding aspect of any project I can do. There’s something special about the visual progress building somethings brings that really motivates you.

Fun Fact
I have hitch-hikers thumb

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