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Egyptian Blues

Front page story on NYT regarding Egyptians reaction to the Algeria – Egypt playoff loss for a spot in the 2010 South Africa World Cup.  While my last final exam tomorrow precludes an analysis, the series of matches between Egypt and Algeria have served as a platform, a somewhat cathartic space, for all the ill-will to come… Read More »

Wacky Idea for a Complex Problem: The Limits of Football as a Tool for Engagement?

I have posted links before in which people have expressed interest in some sort of a football game to engage Israelis and Palestinians. I came across this article recently which mentions the Brazilian President trying to set up a game in which Israelis/Palestinians would join to play the Brazilian national team. I don’t know how… Read More »

ESPN Highlights Women’s College Soccer – This can’t be good…

In conference championships going on around the country, Men’s and Women’s collegiate teams are definitely playing more physically. New Mexico, however, took physicality to a whole new level in a game with BYU in the MWC tournament. For sports struggling to gain popularity, I’d argue that events like these do more to harm the sport… Read More »

Israeli-Palestinian Soccer Match?

I made a post a while back regarding a possible Israeli-Palestinian soccer match which could spark constructive dialogue towards peace. I came across this interesting article which provides more details; it is encouraging to see that 1. the UN has a special adviser on sports for development and peace which I did not know of and… Read More »

Football Match Used to End Modern-Day Feud

We read about football being used for conflict resolution so often in this course. What we see, however, are epic matches in the EPL which rarely serve such a purpose besides entertainment and victory. I thought it was fascinating that Puma and Adidas used football to create modern day peace between their two companies. By… Read More »