Egyptian Blues

By | December 10, 2009

Front page story on NYT regarding Egyptians reaction to the Algeria – Egypt playoff loss for a spot in the 2010 South Africa World Cup.  While my last final exam tomorrow precludes an analysis, the series of matches between Egypt and Algeria have served as a platform, a somewhat cathartic space, for all the ill-will to come out that these two nations harbor for each other. From a story in the popular sports blog, The Bleacher Report, before the playoff game:

The madness does not end there, as the press in both countries escalated the war of words. Algeria accused Egypt of “selling Palestine to the Jews” and “losing the six day war” with Israel. Egyptian writers responded with taunts of “France made you slaves”.

In a bizarre twist, a multi-national company like Coca-Cola has become embroiled in the media war, starting a campaign with the tag line “I was there in 1989”, and selling Tee Shirts and mass producing posters!

A simple Google search of the Algerian – Egyptian rivalry and an understanding the 1989 battle between the two countries for a spot in the 1990 World Cup will help shed light on the havoc taking place today between the two countries.

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