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Kittleson, Brazil et le pouvoir des attentes

Pour moi, je n’ai pas une grande passion pour le football. Je ne supporte pas vraiment une équipe spécifique ou un joueur spécifique. Cependant, je trouve la relation entre la culture du football et la culture d’un pays intéressant. Spécifiquement, la relation entre la race des joueurs au Brésil et la dynamique de la race… Read More »

Dr. Socrates – a Symbol of Corinthians’ Democracy

Branding a football player as a symbol of some sorts is perhaps as an overdone and exaggerated trait as the football fans in derby matches. After every good game players have, every move they make, even every comment they utter are followed by tens of labels; “legend”, “golden boy”, “judas”, along with thousands of insulting… Read More »

World Cup Stereotype and Myth Update, Part I: The German Machine; African Chaos

We all know that with the thrill of the World Cup comes an astonishing array of national, racial, and cultural stereotypes. While we are not yet through the opening round of matches, we are taking a look for posterity’s sake at some of these, seeing how they’ve held up (or not) so far and what… Read More »

Wacky Idea for a Complex Problem: The Limits of Football as a Tool for Engagement?

I have posted links before in which people have expressed interest in some sort of a football game to engage Israelis and Palestinians. I came across this article recently which mentions the Brazilian President trying to set up a game in which Israelis/Palestinians would join to play the Brazilian national team. I don’t know how… Read More »