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The Beauty of Hating Top Teams

At some point of my football fandom, I’ve developed this irrational hostility towards the “top” teams in football leagues – Bayern Munich, Barcelona, the two Manchester teams, Paris Saint German, and many other teams capable of winning titles. A good part of that hostility comes from their ego-bloated transfer policies, which seem little more than… Read More »

Dr. Socrates – a Symbol of Corinthians’ Democracy

Branding a football player as a symbol of some sorts is perhaps as an overdone and exaggerated trait as the football fans in derby matches. After every good game players have, every move they make, even every comment they utter are followed by tens of labels; “legend”, “golden boy”, “judas”, along with thousands of insulting… Read More »

Domenech becoming international political outcast

World Cup 2010: Raymond Domenech fails to take blame for France fiasco | Football | This article from the Guardian highlights the extent to which the French football crisis is becoming one of international proportions, now being taken up at the highest levels of the French government. At first glance, one might think: why… Read More »

Wacky Idea for a Complex Problem: The Limits of Football as a Tool for Engagement?

I have posted links before in which people have expressed interest in some sort of a football game to engage Israelis and Palestinians. I came across this article recently which mentions the Brazilian President trying to set up a game in which Israelis/Palestinians would join to play the Brazilian national team. I don’t know how… Read More »

Israeli-Palestinian Soccer Match?

I made a post a while back regarding a possible Israeli-Palestinian soccer match which could spark constructive dialogue towards peace. I came across this interesting article which provides more details; it is encouraging to see that 1. the UN has a special adviser on sports for development and peace which I did not know of and… Read More »