Workshop on Translation and Sustainability

The Humanities Research Center is pleased to host its first official workshop at Duke Kunshan University, on June 8-9, 2018.

Location: Conference Center 1095

Translating Sustainability: Sustaining Translation

At their core, the practice of translation and initiatives in environmental sustainability both use a focus on radical defamiliarization to create new systems of meaning. Just as translation involves a process of viewing a text as though it were figuratively dead in order to render it into a different language, sustainability initiatives similarly use to spectre of ecological collapse and even extinction to help drive the development of a more stable state of human-environmental equilibrium. Our workshop examines the intricate interrelationship between the theory and practice of translation, on one hand, and sustainability, on the other hand. We contend that not only are translational practices essential to the environmental sustainability movement, but furthermore the strategies and ideals that drive the sustainability movement have direct relevance to the practice of linguistic and cultural translation.

Friday, June 8, 2018

9:30–9:45  Opening Remarks

9:45-10:30 carlos rojas, “Translation and death: reflections on a practice”

10:30–11:15 Darryl Sterk, “Sustainability and the Seediq Translation of Nature and Ecology”

11:15–11:30  break

11:30–12:15 Martin Dodman, “(translanguaging) as part of a process of language evolution”

12:15–1:30 lunch

1:30–2:15   Christine Ji, “Translating and Localising Environmental Sustainability in China”

2:15–3:00 Mark Seligman, “Extracting the Essence: AI and Artificial Translation of Literature”

3:00–3:15 break

3:15–4:00  Adriana Pagano, “Environmental Communication Innovation through Eco-tourism Translation in Latin America”

4:00–4:45 Lucia Rosendo (by video conference), “Improving Accessibility of Health Interpreting and Translation among Multicultural Migrants”

Saturday, June 9, 2018

10:15–11:00  James Miller, “The Ecological Crisis as a Failure of Translation”

11:00–11:45 Jingcheng Xu, “Translation as Sustainability in the Anthropocene: The Case of Daodejing and Three English Renditions”

12:00–1:30  lunch

1:30–2:15 Douglas Robinson, “Translating the Nonhuman: Towards a Sustainable Theory of Translation, or a Translational Theory of Sustainability”

2:15–3:00 Jørgen Delman, “How to translate the specter of ecological collapse into a political platform predicated on the creation of new ways of coexisting with the environment.”

3:00–3:15  break

3:15–4:00 Young Ng, “Translating Environmental Conservation between Cultures: A case study of Australia-China Geo-Conservation Collaboration”

4:00—5:00  round table discussion


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