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Skier, Software Engineer, Arsenal and Real Madrid Fan.

The Tragedy of Javier Hernandez

Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez is a Mexican soccer player currently on loan from Manchester United to Real Madrid. Over the past few years Chicharito has struggled to gain the attention of managers of the clubs that he’s played on. During his tenure at Real Madrid he has only had the chance to play 848 minutes and… Read More »

Who Should Succeed Arsene Wenger?

It feels like every year there are calls for Arsene Wenger’s resignation. Anytime Arsenal hits a rough patch these calls come flying in from fans of all sorts. While most of these claims seem meritless at the moment there is no doubt that Wenger will eventually step down from leading Arsenal. Accordingly he will need… Read More »

Turf vs. Grass

With the upcoming women’s World Cup, soccer fans around the world have been fixated on one of the major differences that this year’s World Cup will bring to the pitch, turf fields. Turf has emerged as a top option in many areas. Some of its major advantages over grass include its consistency as a medium,… Read More »

On Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale has had a rough start to 2015. His number of goals, assists, shots per game, and shot conversion rates are down significantly from the same place last season and his struggling form is apparent to the world. To Real Madrid fans this is especially apparent, and almost 70% of fans currently believe that… Read More »

Switching Nationalities

Amidst the controversy that surrounds FIFAs decision to host the 2022 World Cup in Qatar in the winter, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about some of FIFAs policies. In particular FIFA’s nationality policies became of particular interest to me. Article 7 of the FIFA Statutes (the Regulations Governing the Application of Statutes) is quite… Read More »

Isco: A Sleeper Awakens

In early 2015, Real Madrid has struggled, between a stream of injuries, an underperforming Gareth Bale, and inconsistent, poor play. However one player has stepped up, Isco, number 23 is a player that most would not consider a superstar, but one who has been crucial in helping a struggling Madrid stay afloat, making up for… Read More »

MLS Salaries

On my way home from a game of pickup soccer I was talking to a friend about what it takes to be a professional. We discussed the ultra tracked life of European soccer players, elite soccer academies, and reserve teams. However we also discussed the options for American soccer players, especially those who elected to… Read More »

José Manuel Moreno: A Different Type of Player

I was reading through the book Soccer in Sun and Shadow by Eduardo Galeno and one of the passages from a particular section stuck me. At the end of the section entitled Moreno Galeno writes: “In 1961 after retiring, he became coach of Medellín in Colombia. Medellín was losing a match against Boca Juniors from… Read More »

The Soccer Ball

The soccer ball was not always perfectly round. Over time, the soccer ball has changed significantly. In the early stages of soccer, in the middle ages, bladders of pigs were commonly used as soccer balls, and soon after, wrapped in leather to allow for rougher play and longer lifespan on the ball. The Vulcanized Rubber… Read More »