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The Beauty of Hating Top Teams

At some point of my football fandom, I’ve developed this irrational hostility towards the “top” teams in football leagues – Bayern Munich, Barcelona, the two Manchester teams, Paris Saint German, and many other teams capable of winning titles. A good part of that hostility comes from their ego-bloated transfer policies, which seem little more than… Read More »

Situation Hypothétique des Amateurs

Après la mécontentée des Français aux propos d’Ibrahimovic et la galère des équipes Anglaises, on commence vraiment a voir un concept de xénophobie dans le monde du football avec les vœux des citoyens encourageant des équipes « pures ». Pour ceci je propose une situation hypothétique et extrême suivant leurs envies pour raisonner les avantages et inconvénients… Read More »

Media Making too Much Meal Out of a Match?

Here’s an interesting interview between John Motson and Brian Clough; the former, a news pundit, and the latter, one of the best managers in the history of English Football. The discussion revolves around the issue of over-emphasis of the media that overshadows the actual game. Pre-match and the post-match discussions and hypes are integral parts… Read More »

A Personal Afterthought on the Importance of the Coach

Introduced to soccer at the mere age of 4, it took me a while to call it “the beautiful game.” My earliest years on the pitch were spent poking ant piles and pulling out grass in the midst of the match. Through proper coaching and encouragement, I graduated from that phase and worked my way… Read More »

¿Como se fija la moda en el deporte?

Esta es la pregunta planteada por la autora Monica Parga en un articulo escrito para la sección de deportes de la publicación española “El País”. Ella utiliza la reciente decisión de exfutbolista Zinedine Zidane para convertirse en la imagen de Mango (una marca europea de ropa popular) con el fin de explorar la relación entre… Read More »

More Violence in Brazil: Security Fears

Riots erupted Sunday night in Sao Pablo in a match between Athletico PR and Vasco de Gama, leaving many World Cup fans concerned about the safety in the stadiums for next summer’s tournament. One man was airlifted to the hospital in serious condition, while 3 others are being charged with attempted murder. FIFA is apparently… Read More »