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Problems in Liverpool: Walking Out on the Club that “Never Walks Alone”

For the first time in the 124-year history of the club, Liverpool fans staged a walkout during one of their Premier League matches—and it was not for lack of quality on the pitch that was at issue with the home faithful. Liverpool was leading 2-0 at Anfield Saturday against Sunderland in an English Premier League… Read More »

Soccer and Snapchat

This is a pretty cool article about Snapchat at the US vs. Mexico friendly this past weekend.  I personally forgot the friendly was even taking place—until I checked my Snapchat in the middle of the afternoon and found a “Live Story” of the game.  The Live Story allowed people attending the game to submit a Snapchat… Read More »

A Case Study of Soccer Ethics

There are the published rules of the game, like the offsides rule, no hands, and so on. And then there are the actual rules of the games- the ones that aren’t necessarily published but guide the way we act and interact with the published set of rules. These unspoken rules, or norms, are what form… Read More »

What to do if you think you’re bad luck

Did the last time your favorite soccer team beat their rival happen before you were born? Did your team once score a winning goal while you were in the bathroom, and you were never allowed to watch a game with your friends again? Do you refuse to watch your team play until the game is… Read More »

The Beauty of Hating Top Teams

At some point of my football fandom, I’ve developed this irrational hostility towards the “top” teams in football leagues – Bayern Munich, Barcelona, the two Manchester teams, Paris Saint German, and many other teams capable of winning titles. A good part of that hostility comes from their ego-bloated transfer policies, which seem little more than… Read More »

Situation Hypothétique des Amateurs

Après la mécontentée des Français aux propos d’Ibrahimovic et la galère des équipes Anglaises, on commence vraiment a voir un concept de xénophobie dans le monde du football avec les vœux des citoyens encourageant des équipes « pures ». Pour ceci je propose une situation hypothétique et extrême suivant leurs envies pour raisonner les avantages et inconvénients… Read More »