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¿Como se fija la moda en el deporte?

Esta es la pregunta planteada por la autora Monica Parga en un articulo escrito para la sección de deportes de la publicación española “El País”. Ella utiliza la reciente decisión de exfutbolista Zinedine Zidane para convertirse en la imagen de Mango (una marca europea de ropa popular) con el fin de explorar la relación entre… Read More »

More Violence in Brazil: Security Fears

Riots erupted Sunday night in Sao Pablo in a match between Athletico PR and Vasco de Gama, leaving many World Cup fans concerned about the safety in the stadiums for next summer’s tournament. One man was airlifted to the hospital in serious condition, while 3 others are being charged with attempted murder. FIFA is apparently… Read More »

German Nationalism Courtesy of Football

The 20th century was a wicked roller coaster ride for Germany. Two World Wars, each spawned by high levels of nationalism, both resulted in German defeat. In the course of less than fifty years, Germany’s territory, economy, and politics were reduced to rubble, rebuilt, and then subsequently destroyed multiple times. Post World War II, the… Read More »

Soccer Comic Rants with Ian Edwards

To readers who are looking for light-hearted soccer commentary, I want to draw your attention to stand up comedians Ian Edwards and Jason Gillearn’s Soccer Comic Rants on the All Things Comedy podcast network. Edwards and Gillearn’s weekly podcasts provide informed and amusing updates on soccer news around the world, injecting a dose of humor… Read More »

Vulgar Chants a Problem for MLS Teams

When most fans of the beautiful game hear the term “vulgar chants,” they probably conjure images of English hooligans, racism across Europe or any game the United States Men’s team plays in Mexico. However, according to a recent report in the New York Times, vulgarity is becoming entrenched among fan groups at MLS games and teams… Read More »