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La Science du Football

Le foot, c’est le beau jeu. Il est caractérisé par la passion, la créativité, la technique, et l’imagination, des joueurs ainsi que des supporteurs. Comme nous avons discuté en classe, ce sport est presque une pièce de théâtre, souvent un drame mais de temps en temps une comédie. Egalement, chaque saison, même chaque match, peut… Read More »

Concussions: A Humorous Approach

You’ve probably never heard a Tarheels-Bulldogs matchup lauded about in the history books. In fact, you probably don’t even know who that is. And you shouldn’t. There is nothing too special about the Yale Bulldogs or the University of North Carolina Tarheels when it comes to soccer. However, you may be one of the 36.5… Read More »

Soccer Robots: Imperfect Men

Perhaps a byproduct of playing FIFA , highlight reels, constant social media clips and the focus on amazing goals and plays in soccer, many have come to expect constant greatness, perfection out of soccer. We see Messi touch the ball, Ronaldo take a free kick and our stomachs tighten, waiting for the inevitable goal. Something… Read More »