Colombia Manager

José Pékerman

José Pékerman, one of the more notable managers at this year’s World cup, has been at the help of the Colombian national team since 2012. His senior career was largely uneventful, playing in the first division of Argentina and Colombia before an injury forced an early end to his career. His managerial career started with youth teams, the most notable of which was Argentina’s U-20 team. Though questions were asked due to his lack of experience, he went on to win three world cups with this U-20 team. After this, he coached the Argentine national team during the 2006 world cup where they lost to none other than Germany on penalties in the quarterfinals. His most notable job after this has been his role as head coach of Colombia, a role in which he has excelled. He has orchestrated the meteoric rise of such players as James Rodriguez, Radamel Falcao, and Juan Cuadrado. He is considered to be a very shrewd coach and likes to play experimental formations quite often. During the 2014 World Cup, he was able to take Colombia to the quarterfinals with four straight wins before losing to Brazil. Having qualified again for the 2018 World Cup, Colombia is considered the strongest team in its group and many are expecting to see Pékerman in the knockout rounds once again.




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