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The U.S. is Hosting a Soccer Tournament in 2016?

Should the U.S. be Hosting the Copa América Centenario? Land of the free, home of the brave and the infrastructure for mega events. There exists a constant chatter that the U.S. stands isolated from the rest of a football centric world.  The word we use for the sport, soccer, illustrates our isolation and contrarian nature… Read More »

Copa América Centenario Finances: A Rampant, Systemic and Deep-Rooted Corruption Scheme

The 2015 FIFA Corruption Case Extends to North and South America? Yes, in fact it did.  When the United States Department of Justice turned on the lights in 2015 for the international rooms of soccer and corporate executives, these execs were caught with their hands in multiple cookie jars.  The price for the extra sweets,… Read More »