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Duke Heart week ending October 10th 2021

2021 Triangle Heart Walk Held Today

On behalf of the Duke Heart leadership team, we thank all of our colleagues who joined us in today’s Triangle Heart Walk. Together, our teams raised a significant amount of funding for the American Heart Association. With the many challenges each of us face not only at work, but in our personal lives, we remain grateful to all of you for the excellent work you’re doing each day throughout Duke Heart. We hope you took time today to walk at one of the Heart Walk pop-up locations here in the Triangle or at a location of your choosing.

A special thanks to the following team members who served as team captains representing Duke Heart this year: Edna Taylor, Jason Stokes, Madi Baublis, Manesh Patel, Allen Stephens and Jill Engel.

A very special thank you to Richard Shannon for serving as the DUHS Heart Walk Chair this year. Attached are some great shots of the Walk he and Brandy Patterson hosted at their home today that was specifically for kids. What a great way to model heart healthy behavior!

It’s National PA Week, Oct. 6-12

Please join us in celebrating National Physician Assistants Week from October 6-12, in recognition of the PA profession and the many contributions they make to Duke Health and the nation’s health. In the midst of this challenging year, we are deeply grateful for the efforts and contributions of these vital members of the Duke Heart team.

The PA profession is dynamic and they have served as pioneers and leaders in health care delivery across all ages, populations, and settings. This year saw another first for the profession. Hayley Arceneaux, a PA at St. Jude Children’s Hospital, served as the Chief Medical Officer for the first all-civilian space trip aboard SpaceX – appropriately called Inspiration4.

As highly skilled multidisciplinary care team members and healthcare leaders, PAs provide exceptional patient care in virtually all medical specialties and settings. PAs are pivotal in the nation’s health care delivery and serve in critical roles throughout patient care, medical education, health administration, leadership, and research.

A very special thank you to all PAs throughout Duke Heart for the great work you’re doing!


Heart Failure Symposium Success

The Duke Heart Failure Symposium: The Leading Edge of Heart Failure Management went exceedingly well on Friday. Great job by course directors Richa Agarwal and Rob Mentz!

Some highlights:

  • More than 480 participants registered for the symposium.
  • Attendees logged in from 34 different states and 27 different countries around the world.
  • Participants included physicians, nurses, NPs, PAs, pharmacists, fellows, residents, students, research scientists, allied health professionals, industry representatives and patients!

Outstanding job and lots of great feedback and comments on Twitter!


Shout-out to Osude!

Congratulations to first year cardiology fellow Kiki Osude for running and completing the Bank of America Chicago Marathon today! Way to go Kiki!

Kudos, Duke Heart!

We received a wonderful note this week regarding care for a patient:

“On Monday evening (September 27), I called 911 for my mother. She was in a lot of pain and uncomfortable. EMS asked what hospital would they like me to take her to. As she was scheduled to meet for the first time with the Duke Heart TAVR team on October 11, I asked them to take her to Duke Hospital. It was a good call to make because she deteriorated on the short ride over.

The ED team were incredibly responsive, informative and kind. She was quickly moved to our CICU in 7E where she stayed until Tuesday around 5 pm. She then headed to 7700 where she stayed until her TAVR procedure this morning. I write this from 7W where she is recovering under the care of Shemia, who has been so helpful in addressing our questions and helping Mom manage any pain and discomfort.

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how wonderful her care has been, which I’m sure is no surprise to you. The entire Heart Care Team – from nursing to cardiologists, the ICU team, the surgeons to HUC and Food Services – have been so kind, so responsive, so helpful throughout her stay.

Many thanks to Drs. Ryan Plichta, Andrew Wang, Chris Granger and the attending physicians on 7E and 7700. They all visited Mom frequently and took time to explain the procedure and answer any questions she had. She went into the procedure with great confidence in them. The nursing team in ALL the areas have been AMAZING! I wish I would have done a better job getting their names. Their expertise, attentiveness and care have been phenomenal, especially RNs Becca and Ashleigh and NAs Leah, Amanda and Sherana on 7700. Alexandra from Food Service was super helpful and delightful as well.

We have another day or two here so I’m sure there will be people to add to the list, but my siblings, her 14 grandchildren, 7 great grandchildren and I are incredibly grateful.” – Name withheld for confidentiality

Nicely done, team!

Upcoming Events & Opportunities

Cardiology Grand Rounds

October 5: Critical Care Cardiology in the 21st Century with Anthony Carnicelli. 5 p.m. Webex.

October 12: Lessons from ADAPTABLE and PREVENTABLE: Is Pragmatism the Answer? with Schuyler Jones. 5 p.m. Webex.

October 19: CGR title pending, with Jeff Gaca. 5 p.m. Webex.

October 26: Sleep Disordered Breathing and Cardiovascular Disease with Jonathan Piccini, Marat Fudim and Andrew Spector. 5 p.m. Webex.

Upcoming Duke Heart CME

November 5: 13th Annual NC Research Triangle Pulmonary Hypertension Symposium. Course directors are H. James Ford (UNC) and Terry Fortin. 8:30 a.m. to 4:20 p.m. Morning case-based workshops have been cancelled due to Covid. Afternoon portion will be held via Zoom. For more information and to register, please visit: https://bit.ly/3DrZwuv. 

Have news to share?

If you have news to share with the Pulse readership, please contact Tracey Koepke, director of communications for Duke Heart at tracey.koepke@duke.edu. We would love to hear about your latest accomplishments, professional news, cool happenings, and any events or opportunities that may be of interest to our Duke Heart family. Please call with any questions: 919-681-2868. Feedback on Pulse is welcome and encouraged.

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