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Weekly Publications from Duke Heart

Division of Cardiology Publications Indexed in PubMed from February 11–17, 2021

Berg DD, Samsky MD, Velazquez EJ, Duffy CI, Gurmu Y, Braunwald E, Morrow DA, DeVore AD. Efficacy and Safety of Sacubitril/Valsartan in High-Risk Patients in the PIONEER-HF Trial. Circ Heart Fail 2021;14(2):e007034. PM: 33530704.

Brooksbank JA, Greene SJ, DeWald TA, Mentz RJ. Body surface area and medication dosing in patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction. Trends Cardiovasc Med 2021;31(2):111-116. PM: 32008834.

Butler J, Usman MS, Khan MS, Greene SJ, Friede T, Vaduganathan M, Filippatos G, Coats AJS, Anker SD. Efficacy and safety of SGLT2 inhibitors in heart failure: systematic review and meta-analysis. ESC Heart Fail 2020;7(6):3298-3309. PM: 33586910.

Coniglio AC, Daubert JP. Editorial commentary: Sleeping on a treatment for atrial fibrillation? Trends Cardiovasc Med 2021;31(2):133-134. PM: 32268972.

Felker GM, Greene SJ. Improving In-Hospital Diuretic Therapy for Heart Failure: The Need for High-Quality Evidence. J Am Coll Cardiol 2021;77(6):709-712. PM: 33573740.

Field ME, Holmes DN, Page RL, Fonarow GC, Matsouaka RA, Turakhia MP, Lewis WR, Piccini JP. Guideline-Concordant Antiarrhythmic Drug Use in the Get With The Guidelines-Atrial Fibrillation Registry. Circ Arrhythm Electrophysiol 2021;14(2):e008961. PM: 33419385.

Friedman DJ, Holmes D, Curtis AB, Ellenbogen KA, Frankel DS, Knight BP, Russo AM, Matsouaka R, Turakhia MP, Lewis WR, Piccini JP. Procedure characteristics and outcomes of atrial fibrillation ablation procedures using cryoballoon versus radiofrequency ablation: A report from the GWTG-AFIB registry. J Cardiovasc Electrophysiol 2021;32(2):248-259. PM: 33368764.

Gutierrez JA, Rao SV, Jones WS, Secemsky EA, Aday AW, Gu L, Schulteis RD, Krucoff MW, White R, Armstrong EJ, Banerjee S, Tsai S, Patel MR, Swaminathan RV. Survival and Causes of Death Among Veterans With Lower Extremity Revascularization With Paclitaxel-Coated Devices: Insights From the Veterans Health Administration. J Am Heart Assoc 2021;10(4):e018149. PM: 33554613.

Hsueh YC, Hodgkinson CP, Gomez JA. The role of Sfrp and DKK proteins in cardiomyocyte development. Physiol Rep 2021;9(3):e14678. PM: 33587322.

Lala A, Mentz RJ. Shining a light on the vulnerable intersection of pregnancy and heart failure. J Card Fail 2021;27(2):129. PM: 33573755.

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Perak AM, Lancki N, Kuang A, Labarthe DR, Allen NB, Shah SH, Lowe LP, Grobman WA, Lawrence JM, Lloyd-Jones DM, Lowe WL, Scholtens DM. Associations of Maternal Cardiovascular Health in Pregnancy With Offspring Cardiovascular Health in Early Adolescence. JAMA 2021;325(7):658-668. PM: 33591345.

Pocock S, Brieger DB, Owen R, Chen J, Cohen MG, Goodman S, Granger CB, Nicolau JC, Simon T, Westermann D, Yasuda S, Hedman K, Mellström C, Andersson Sundell K, Grieve R. Health-related quality of life 1-3 years post-myocardial infarction: its impact on prognosis. Open Heart 2021;8(1):e001499. PM: 33563776.

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Redfors B, Mohebi R, Giustino G, Chen S, Selker HP, Thiele H, Patel MR, Udelson JE, Ohman EM, Eitel I, Granger CB, Maehara A, Ali ZA, Ben-Yehuda O, Stone GW. Time Delay, Infarct Size, and Microvascular Obstruction After Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention for ST-Segment-Elevation Myocardial Infarction. Circ Cardiovasc Interv 2021;14(2):e009879. PM: 33440999.

Russo AM, Zeitler EP, Giczewska A, Silverstein AP, Al-Khalidi HR, Cha YM, Monahan KH, Bahnson TD, Mark DB, Packer DL, Poole JE. Association Between Sex and Treatment Outcomes of Atrial Fibrillation Ablation Versus Drug Therapy: Results from the CABANA Trial. Circulation 2021:10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.120.051558. PM: 33499668.

Silva PGMBE, Berwanger O, Precoma DB, Cavalcante MA, Vilela-Martin JF, Figueiredo EL, Lopes RD, Bodanese LC, Guimarães JI, Andrade JP, Paola AAV, Malachias MVB, Mattos LAPE, Bacal F, Dutra OP. Evaluation of 1-Year Follow-up of Patients Included in the Registry of Clinical Practice in Patients at High Cardiovascular Risk (REACT). Arq Bras Cardiol 2021;116(1):108-116. PM: 33331461.

Smulders MW, Van Assche LMR, Bekkers SCAM, Nijveldt R, Beijnink CWH, Kim HW, Hayes B, Parker MA, Kaolawanich Y, Judd RM, Kim RJ. Epicardial Surface Area of Infarction: A Stable Surrogate of Microvascular Obstruction in Acute Myocardial Infarction. Circ Cardiovasc Imaging 2021;14(2):e010918. PM: 33586449.

Varma N, Cygankiewicz I, Turakhia MP, Heidbuchel H, Hu YF, Chen LY, Couderc JP, Cronin EM, Estep JD, Grieten L, Lane DA, Mehra R, Page A, Passman R, Piccini JP, Piotrowicz E, Piotrowicz R, Platonov PG, Ribeiro AL, Rich RE, Russo AM, Slotwiner D, Steinberg. 2021 ISHNE/HRS/EHRA/APHRS Expert Collaborative Statement on mHealth in Arrhythmia Management: Digital Medical Tools for Heart Rhythm Professionals: From the International Society for Holter and Noninvasive Electrocardiology/Heart Rhythm Society/European. Circ Arrhythm Electrophysiol 2021;14(2):e009204. PM: 33573393.

Wanner C, Cooper ME, Johansen OE, Toto R, Rosenstock J, McGuire DK, Kahn SE, Pfarr E, Schnaidt S, von Eynatten M, George JT, Gollop ND, Marx N, Alexander JH, Zinman B, Perkovic V, et al. Effect of linagliptin versus placebo on cardiovascular and kidney outcomes in nephrotic-range proteinuria and type 2 diabetes: the CARMELINA randomized controlled trial. Clin Kidney J 2021;14(1):226-236. PM: 33564423.

Xian Y, Zhang S, Inohara T, Grau-Sepulveda M, Matsouaka RA, Peterson ED, Piccini JP, Smith EE, Sheth KN, Bhatt DL, Fonarow GC, Schwamm LH. Clinical Characteristics and Outcomes Associated With Oral Anticoagulant Use Among Patients Hospitalized With Intracerebral Hemorrhage. JAMA Netw Open 20211;4(2):e2037438. PM: 33591368.

Yong CM, Balasubramanian S, Douglas PS, Agarwal P, Birgersdotter-Green U, Gummidipundi S, Batchelor W, Duvernoy CS, Harrington RA, Mehran R. Temporal Trends in the Proportion of Women Physician Speakers at Major Cardiovascular Conferences. Circulation 2021;143(7):755-757. PM: 33587663.