The Shanghai Literary Review – Student Assistants – Recruitment

Starting with Issue Seven, DKU and The Shanghai Literary Review (TSLR) will work together in the planning and production of the magazine and will provide working apprenticeships and seminars on publishing for students at DKU.

The Shanghai Literary Review is an annual journal of literature and art, founded in 2016, with an editorial team spread across China, Europe, and the US. To learn more about TSLR, please visit

We are now looking for student assistants for The Shanghai Literary Review. If you have already filled the Qualtrics Survey, no further action is necessary. We’ll be in touch with you. If you haven’t, please email a one-page CV + short motivation letter with the subject line “Assistant TSLR” by November 2nd, 11:59pm (CST), to: and

Number of Students to Hire: 1 or 2 (open to students from any track)

Starting date: 11/16/2020 

Reports to:

Professor Stephanie Anderson, Assistant Professor of American Literature

Professor Caio Yurgel, Assistant Professor of Humanities

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

The students will take part in activities related to the magazine and its events, including (but not limited to): distribution, social media management, publishing, marketing, administrative tasks, and event planning. A willingness to commit to the project for at least one academic year, and potentially more than one year, is desirable.

Students are expected to work on the following tasks:

  • Support the logistics and distribution of the magazine;
  • Assist in managing the magazine’s social media presence and branding;
  • Assist in publishing- and marketing-related tasks;
  • Support with editing and translating tasks;
  • Take active part in the organization of events;
  • Assist in administrative tasks.


  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office and Excel;
  • Excellent organizational and teamwork skills;
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
  • Enthusiasm for learning new software related to both magazine production and event documentation.