Anthropocene XR Lab AR Campus Co-Design Workshop Participant Recruitment

Hi, everyone! We are designing an Augmented Reality (AR) mobile app – DKU AR Campus to augment information and fun activities into our physical campus. And we’re currently conducting research to investigate how augmented reality technology can support spatial digital interaction between people and the environment. In this research, we would like to invite you to answer the survey questions, talk about your thoughts and ideas, and also look at our user interface at a workshop to improve the design and features of this application. We would like to hear “what does your dream AR campus look like?”

If you are interested in taking part in our study, please fill out this survey and we will invite a total of 20 people to the workshop later based on your willingness, interests, and availability. The workshops will be held from July 30 to Aug 2.

People who fill out this survey will draw from a raffle pool and receive DKU souvenirs (5 people in total). Meanwhile, all participants of the co-design workshops can get a DKU gift pack which contains various DKU souvenirs. The gift pack will be sent out after conducting all rounds of the workshops. Please check specific time slots in the following survey.

Our research team is from DKU Humanity Research Center (HRC) Anthropocene XR Lab, led by Prof. Xin Tong and Prof. Jung Choi. This project is funded by DKU HRC.

Thanks so much for your support!

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