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Why is Mexico so bad at soccer?

Mexico is a country of 119 million people, and has the world’s 11th largest economy. It has more people than Germany, the Netherlands, The United Kingdom, France, Uruguay, Argentina, Spain, or Colombia. It is also soccer crazy- no sport even comes to matching the support El Tri gets in Mexico. Why then, did it take… Read More »

Trending Down?

Five days ago, before the September qualifying games in the CONCACAF region, soccer fans everywhere were fairly confident that no matter how each of the last six teams finished their last four games, Mexico would easily qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.  Either Mexico would finish as one of the top three teams… Read More »

“Dos a Cero”

Etant élevée par parents mexicains et ayant vécu à la frontière des Etats-Unis avec le Mexique, j’ai toujours entendue la presse mexicaine jurait que « cette année et l’année du Mexique » c’est à dire, chaque 4 ans les mexicains vraiment croient que cette fois le Mexique gagnera la Coupe du Monde. Malheureusement, cette année, il est… Read More »


In October 2001, the national football teams of France and Algeria faced off in a long-awaited, and (at least in principle) “friendly” international game at the Stade de France in Paris. The event was trumpeted as an opportunity for reconciliation, a symbolic end to the conflict between the two countries, and an opportunity for a… Read More »

“You’ve Never Heard of Chicharito?”

That was the dismayed, slightly disbelieving, question posed by a fan of a Mexico team last night to the North Carolinian worker at the food stand getting him a beer and hot dog. We were at the Carolina Panthers stadium (actually named, of course, after a large financial institution, the Bank of America), and it… Read More »

Maradona Makes Me Happy

I’m here in South Africa, and last night went to the see the Argentina-Mexico game at Soccer City. I’ll warn you that a portion of this post will sound a bit like FIFA propaganda, so if you can’t stand that please stop reading now. But the feeling here in electric and ebullient, and I really… Read More »

A Blue Flame

It’s strange to say, but I felt a powerful sense of relief after France’s defeat by Mexico. I’ve been rooting for France steadily since 2006, through the crash-and-burn of Euro 2008, through a qualifying campaign that constantly seemed like Waterloo (with Serbs instead the English), through the ire of Ireland, optimistic to a fault. Now… Read More »