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February 26th, 2016

      Friday will mark one of the most historical days in football history. While immorality surrounds FIFA following the corruption charges, there will be an election held to replace Sepp Blatter as president of this important organization.   FIFA stands for The Federation Internationale de Football Association. It was founded in France on… Read More »

El fútbol a sol y sombra

En su libro El fútbol a sol y sombra, el escritor uruguayo Eduardo Galeano nos ofrece una historia del fútbol muy personal, desde sus más remotos “orígenes” en culturas ancestrales hasta el Mundial de Sudáfrica 2010. A lo largo del libro, nos encontraremos también con sus opiniones e ideas acerca de diversos aspectos del deporte rey,… Read More »


At the beginning of this semester, I knew next to nothing about international soccer.  In fact, outside of my experience on a pee-wee soccer club, idolization of Mia Hamm as a kid, rooting for the USMNT during World Cup years, and time spent in Madrid, I knew very little about soccer at all.  One of… Read More »

The South American International Tournaments

The Copa Libertadores group stage kicks off this week, beginning what is regarded (at least by south Americans) as one of the most brutal professional tournaments in the world. Teams have to play in the heat of Salvador, Brazil, in the heights of La Paz and Cuzco, in the humidity of the Amazon, or they… Read More »

The Role of Soccer in Latin American Culture

From a young age I was exposed to soccer as huge component of Latin American culture, my father is a huge soccer fan and would often get together with his friends to watch games over the weekend or listen to games on the radio. When he got together with friends to watch the games it… Read More »