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How We Can Beat the Coronavirus with Dutch Soccer

COVID-19 presents a public health crisis unmatched in the last century. At its onset, the disease seemed troublesome. Forcing fever, dry cough, and sometimes pneumonia in its victims, COVID-19 poses a major, global threat. By now, people around the world are beginning to understand the dire stakes of combating coronavirus with coordination and intensity. The… Read More »

Brilliant Orange, Magnificent Yellow

Football is creative and expressive, however, more often than not, the creativity on the field is an expression of the society off the field. In David Winner’s “Brilliant Orange: The Neurotic Genius of Dutch Soccer” he analyzes how the rise of TotalFootball in Holland during the 1960s reflected a theme of “totality” that was evident… Read More »

Dutch Football and a Cultural Rebellion

This week’s reading left me fascinated at the intersection of sports and politics. David Winner brilliantly captures the zeitgeist of 1960s Amsterdam — a turbulent postwar cultural revolution that enveloped all aspects of life in Holland, especially soccer. Perhaps most interestingly, Winner’s interpretation of Amsterdam’s radiant transformation suggests that the game of soccer and the… Read More »