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Book Review: “Fútbol!: Why Soccer Matters in Latin America” by Joshua Nadel

To think of football as just as a game is to ignore not only its relationship to national identities, but also its instrumental role in forging these identities. In his book Fútbol!: Why Soccer Matters in Latin America, Joshua Nadel sheds valuable light on this role by examining the impact of football in Argentina, Honduras,… Read More »

El Gráfico

Una de las revistas de futbol más leidas en Chile es la revista El Gráfico. Esta publicación mensual relata lo ocurrido durante el mes previo en el futbol Chileno e internacional. La revista da énfasis a los temas mas importantes del mes: es típico ver articulos y entrevistas sobre, por ejemplo, la Liga de Campeones,… Read More »


Watching the U.S.-Chile last  night, I couldn’t help feeling that we’ve finally entered the era of bilingualism in U.S. football. The game was a showcase of new players from both sides, pitting two teams in the midst of promising and exciting development. (You can read a great analysis the debates and controversies surrounding Chile’s team,… Read More »

Bye-Bye Bielsa: The Governance of Soccer and Chile’s Forking Path

Recent news reports from South America indicate that the coach of Chile’s national team, Marcelo Bielsa, will be leaving his post with immediacy.  To the casual observer, this comes as a shock.  Bielsa has been credited with restoring discipline and professionalism to a national soccer association known more in recent years for scandal than for… Read More »