Neymar’s Life Through Instagram

By | February 15, 2018

Who doesn’t know the name Neymar? The heart of Brazil and the pride of Paris – Neymar has taken his soccer talents to the top of the game and placed himself at the table alongside the likes of Ronaldo and Messi. But when many think of Neymar, they think of his soccer prowess. They think that he is the most expensive footballer ever. They think that he has won a gold medal in the 2016 Olympic Games in his homeland of Brazil. They think that he forced his way out of Barcelona to become the main star and attraction in the city of Paris. Some even think he has the chance to eventually become the greatest soccer player ever. However, Neymar’s life consists of much more than soccer. He is not just a soccer star, he is a global celebrity whose life comprises of something much larger than having a ball at his feet, weaving between irritated defenders, and placing the ball so simply in the back of the net. How do we know this? Look no further than Neymar’s Instagram account. Take away the many pictures of him celebrating his goals, photoshoots with his teammates, or any image that would allow us to think that he plays soccer for living. Now who do you think Neymar is?

Neymar is a basketball star. He kicked a soccer ball with Kobe Bryant who called him a legend. He’s close with Draymond Green, Steph Curry, and Kristaps Porzingis and they have all swapped signed jerseys. Curry even came to see Neymar play and Neymar posted an Instagram of the two hi-fiving after the game. He sat courtside at the NBA Finals with Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton and NFL stud Odell Beckham Jr. Kyrie Irving said if he could compare himself to any footballer it would PSG star Neymar because “he scores goals, man.” In another post, Neymar was hopping on his private plane wearing a Boston Celtics Kyrie Irving jersey. He’s posed with Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, and Michael Jordan. He’s posted more pictures of himself with basketball stars than most basketball players. So yeah, Neymar is an NBA All-Star you just haven’t seen the pictures of him shooting threes like Curry and crossing defenders like Kyrie.

Neymar is a fashion icon and male model. He attended the Paris Fashion Show with Dani Alves and even walked the runway. He wore a stylish red and black checkered bandana to attend the NBA Finals and has modeled for Replay Menswear Collection. He posted a picture of himself scantily concealed by a towel for Mario Testino Towel Series. He even has his own fashion line and style that can be found at He’s posed in fancy jackets with David Beckham, sported a Gaga Milano watch for the brand, and has dated numerous women models. Moreover, he seemingly owns every baseball, soccer, and basketball jersey that every teenage and college guy wants to get their hands on – from a Michael Jordan White Sox jersey to a retro Shaquille O’Neal Lakers jersey, he has it all. From the ripped jeans to the fancy suits and tuxes and fur vests, it’s apparent that Neymar has risen to the top of the line in the fashion industry.

Neymar is a pop star. He spends time juggling a soccer ball and going out to clubs with Justin Bieber. He hangs out with the world-renowned DJ Marshmallow and appears on stage at myriad concerts. He plays the drums in his backyard. He chills with P Diddy. What more does he need? Clearly, this pop star has taken over the music world.


Now bring back the pictures of Neymar winning the Champions League with Barcelona. The images of him celebrating that famous gold medal. The collage announcing his move to Paris Saint Germain. He’s nothing more than a soccer star, yet manages to mingle his athletic talents with others at the top of their industry and respective fields. He is a man of many talents who shows what fame and talent in soccer can bring you. He has Floyd Mayweather to protect him and some of the greatest athletes in the world are in awe – and you can see it all through Neymar’s eyes. He has nothing to hide and is proud of the life he lives – so why not let his 89.3 million followers get the inside scoop on his adventures?

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