Monthly Archives: January 2011


Watching the U.S.-Chile last  night, I couldn’t help feeling that we’ve finally entered the era of bilingualism in U.S. football. The game was a showcase of new players from both sides, pitting two teams in the midst of promising and exciting development. (You can read a great analysis the debates and controversies surrounding Chile’s team,… Read More »

Zidane Goes Home for Qatar

I found this video, produced by the Qatar bid, to be a fascinatingly constructed piece of work, transforming Zidane’s biography into an endorsement of the need for a Middle Eastern World Cup. In it, Zidane returns to his childhood home and talks about his career, and repeatedly refers to the difficulties he faced because of … Read More »

Game Over

This photograph published in the Week in Review section of today’s New York Times (as part of an article called “In Peril: The Arab Status Quo”) is has a curious centerpiece. A crowd in Tunisia (composed, as far as I could tell, entirely of men), is gathered demanding the ouster of President Zine al-Abidine Ben… Read More »