Dec. 3 – Third Space Lab – Guest Speaker Series – Chad Hoggan – The Varieties of Transformative Experience

Dear all,

You are cordially invited to the guest lecture of the Third Space Lab by Associate Professor Chad Hoggan (North Carolina State University) on The Varieties of Transformative Experience.
We hope you will join us!
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Date: December 3rd, 2021

Time:  10 pm (China time) / 9 am (EST) / 3 pm (Berlin time)

Zoom Meeting ID:      248 487 9248

Presentation Description:

This presentation traces the history of transformative learning theory within the discipline of adult education. It presents a new metatheory of transformation based on the vast scholarship that has arisen around transformative learning. Included in this metatheory are definitions and criteria to distinguish transformative learning from other types of learning, a typology of transformational outcomes, key components of the transformation process, conceptual tools by which to analyze different types of transformation, and implications for practice.

Bio Note:

Dr. Chad Hoggan is a researcher, scholar, and public speaker. He is an Associate Professor of Adult & Lifelong Education at North Carolina State University and Co-editor of the Journal of Transformative Education. Dr. Hoggan’s research addresses significant learning experiences in adulthood. One branch of research explores the learning and change required during major life transitions. This research has addressed such diverse groups as college students, breast cancer survivors, military veterans, and migrants. Based on this and other research, he developed a Typology of Transformative Learning Outcomes and other analytic tools to aid scholars in understanding and researching transformative learning. Another important area of scholarship deals with the learning necessary for free and democratic societies to function. He lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, and Augsburg, Germany.