Third Space Lab Brown Bag Lunch Research Talk: Rubric Co-construction in EAP Classrooms: Student and Instructor Perceptions

You are cordially invited to attend the TSL Brown Bag Lunch Research Talk by Dr. Zhang Tong on Rubric Co-construction in EAP Classrooms: Student and Instructor Perceptions.

Date/Time: Friday, March 31, 12pm, (China Standard Time).
Location: IB 2025 or Zoom (Remote attendees will receive the Zoom link via email.)

Snacks and bubble tea provided.

Please RSVP by 5 pm Thursday March 30th:


Co-constructing rubrics has been suggested as an effective strategy to support English Language Learners (ELLs) in self-assessment and metacognitive development. However, implementing rubric co-construction in EAP classrooms can be challenging and time-consuming for college students and instructors. This study aims to explore student and instructor perceptions of rubric co-construction in first-year college writing classrooms. Sixteen Chinese first-year students and their instructors participated in semi-structured interviews to discuss their experiences with the rubric co-construction process. Thematic analysis of the interview data revealed that both students and instructors perceived benefits from rubric co-construction, including increased transparency, support for self-regulation and metacognitive activities, and enhanced formative use of rubrics. However, the findings also unveiled pedagogical concerns related to the features of first-year ELLs in college. The data further suggested that instructors negotiated between institutional expectations and their teaching practices and beliefs. This study offers insights into implementing teacher-student rubric co-construction in EAP teaching contexts and provides implications for instructors and curriculum designers.