Superdeep #27: “What’s Wrong With Illegal Immigration?” (Jeesoo Nam, USC) | Thu May 2, 6:08pm

6:08pm  |  IB 2026

Nobody will be barred also from our final Superdeep Workshop this academic year, where Jeesoo Nam (Assistant Professor of Law and Philosophy, University of Southern California) will help us raise & settle the question “What’s Wrong With Illegal Immigration?”. The session our second collaboration with the HRC’s Citizenship Lab as well as with DKU Pre-Law (Office & Student Society).
Thu May 2 | 6:08pm | IB 2026.

Snacks & drinks will be served at the Workshop.


The Workshop is Superdeep‘s venue for philosophical work-in-progress research & practice. For more info or to submit proposals for the Workshop, follow this link; for more info on Superdeep more generally, follow this one.

Superdeep is sponsored by DKU’s Humanities Research Center.