Media and Arts Speaker Series | Lab as Methodology. Giving Hybrid Arts a Space for Experimentation and Research

The Media & Arts Speaker Series at Duke Kunshan University is a bi-weekly event that invites leading practitioners in media and arts to speak about their work and practice and engage with our DKU community.

The forth miniseries of talks looks at the concept of the lab, both as a philosophy and a methodology to see how these innovative approaches have impacted and transformed the production of culture, art and society.

The lecture scheduled on Friday April 23th, 2021 at 6pm China Central time features art historian and curator Regine Rapp and curator Christian de Lutz. They will dissect for us some of the cultural production and experimentation they have conducted within the context of their Berlin-based gallery and community space, Art Laboratory Berlin. This series is organized and hosted by Prof. Benjamin Bacon and Prof. Vivian and supported by Arts and Humanities and the Humanities Research Center at Duke Kunshan University. This event is open to the public.

Time and Date: Friday April 23th, 6pm China

Location: Duke Kunshan Innovation Building 1042

Zoom: 262-835-7204

Lab as Methodology.
Giving Hybrid Arts a Space for Experimentation and Research

Through sustained curating programs, Art Laboratory Berlin offers a laboratory for embodied experience supporting new forms of art and cultural exchange in the 21st century with exhibitions, workshops, performances, conferences and publications. In addition to supporting artists working at the intersection of art and the life sciences, we also seek to create a space for encounters between artists and scientists, and for hybrid arts and the public. To this end, Art Laboratory Berlin has organized and supported artists-in-residence programs in partnership with institutions such as the TU Berlin Institute of Biotechnology and the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science. The space also presents pop up lab events bringing together artist with local DIY communities. Art Laboratory Berlin takes a hands-on approach to cultural and knowledge production, building communities around new ways of thinking and doing, reaching diverse audiences in the process. The laboratory is an Entre-Lieu, a hybrid space for human and nonhuman collaboration. In this talk, we will illustrate our philosophy and approach through a series of recent projects and programs.

About the speakers

Regine Rapp and Christian de Lutz

Regine Rapp is an art historian, curator and director of Art Laboratory Berlin. Her current research focuses on installation art, artist books, hybrid art, and art-science collaborations. She has taught art history at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle. As co-founder and director of Art Laboratory Berlin, she researches, curates and publishes on 21st century art at the interface of (natural) science and technology. In this context she conceived the international conferences Synaesthesia. Discussing a Phenomenon in the Arts, Humanities and (Neuro)Science (2013), Nonhuman Agents (2017) and The Camille Diaries (2020). She co-edited Mind the Fungi, published at TU Berlin University Press in December 2020.

Christian de Lutz is a curator, co-founder and co-director of Art Laboratory Berlin, where he has curated over 40 exhibitions, including the series Time & Technology, Synaesthesia, [Macro]biologies & [Micro]biologies, and Nonhuman Subjectivities. His curatorial work focuses on the interface of art, science and technology in the 21st century, with special attention given to bioart, DIY science initiatives and facilitating collaborations between artists and scientists. His interest is in building multidisciplinary networks and unleashing their creative potential. He is currently involved in collaborative cultural projects connecting Berlin with other cities in Europe and Asia, building international networks for art-science and DIWO (Do-It-With-Others) communities.

Hydroperformance Night, Performance with Kat Austen, Art Laboratory Berlin, March 2019
Pankquelle, performance with Nenad Popov and Sarah Hermanutz, Art Laboratory Berlin, summer 2019
Wasserpank, workshop, Art Laboratory Berlin, summer 2019, Art Laboratory Berlin
Wasserpank, workshop, Art Laboratory Berlin, summer 2019, Art Laboratory Berlin
ALB_MICROPLASTIC WORKSHOP with Kat Austen and Joana MacLean, 2019
Nonhuman Agents Conference, Art Laboratory Berlin 2017, photo Tim Deussen
Mind the Fungi Walk & Talk, Autumn 2018