HRC’s CARE Lab is seeking Research Assistants

Poster by Qinyue Lei, Class of 2024

HRC’s CARE Lab (Caring for Animals REsearch Lab) is seeking Research Assistants!

Please submit CV and cover letter to by Sept 16, 2022.

Please see below for job description:

Position Overview and Essential Duties

We are looking for 2 research assistants from UG or Graduate Programs to help kick-start the Lab. The main tasks will be:

  1. Help set up social media platforms for the Lab;
  2. Contribute to the choice of the Lab image and logo;
  3. Identify similar Research Labs related to animal welfare in other Universities, Businesses or NGOs;
  4. Identify and connect with student/ youth initiatives to protect animals around the world.

We are looking for students who love animals, who are knowledgeable of social media platforms around the world and could be interested in conducting SW or MSc in topics related to animal welfare (e.g., plant-based diet; social media campaigns for animal protection; cosmetics/ make-up not tested on animals).

Opportunities for contract renewal are possible, conditional on good performance.

Project Timeline: Start 19th September 2022 until November 25th 2022

Time dedication: 6h per week for 10 weeks (RMB 40/ hour)


Caring for Animals REsearch Lab (CARE)

Research Lab Co-Directors: Prof. Emily McWilliams and Prof. Claudia Nisa

The Caring for Animals REsearch Lab (CARE) aims to be a leading interdisciplinary scientific hub for research, practice and policy discussions about animal welfare, both on campus at DKU and in collaboration with interested partners in academia, businesses and NGOs. Currently, movements towards animal welfare and animal rights are expanding in China, and globally.

We aim to explore and discuss the world’s most pressing animal welfare concerns, including (but not limited to):

  • eating meat (including cats and dogs) and consuming other animal products (milk, cheese, using leather products);
  • problems of pet abuse, particularly during COVID-19;
  • animal research in cosmetics and medicine;
  • the use of animals for entertainment and research in zoos and aquariums;