Congratulations to Recipients of the 2022 Shirley Graham and W.E.B Du Bois Award!

Freedom Lab is thrilled to announce the following 9 recipients of the 2022 Shirley Graham and W.E.B. Du Bois Award. The Award (5000 rmb per recipient) will help with our DKU juniors on their Signature Work projects, including book purchasing, art installations, photo printing and exhibits, archival research, and field work.

Congratulations to all!

  1. Weiran Li (Global Cultural Studies, World Literature), “Recognizing Herself from Nature: Self-perception and Identity Construction in the Poems from Dream of the Red Chamber.”
  2. Zack Zhiyuan Liu (Behavioral Science, Psychology), “Exploring Attentional Biases Towards Foreigners’ Facial Expressions of Pain in Chinese Observers.”
  3. Reika Shimomura (Global Health, Biology), “Global Health: COVID-19 Digital Contact Tracing Apps’ Privacy Policy and Their Ethical Implications Based on WHO Guidelines.”
  4. Leiyuan Tian (Media & Arts, Art History), “How Do Recommendation Algorithms Shape Public Attention to Social Issues? An Interactive Artistic Approach.”
  5. Eldar Wang (Global Cultural Studies, World Literature), “Marginalized Stories: Yan Geling and Zhang Yihe’s Writings on Female-Female Relationship.”
  6. Meixuan Wang, (Media & Arts, Art History), “The Feminine Fabulation: An Interdisciplinary Reading of Female K-Pop Idols’ Star.”
  7. Xiaomeng Yan (Global Cultural Studies, World Literature), “Oral History and Literature: Before the Reform.”
  8. Shuyuan Zhou (Media & Arts, Creative Practice), “My Great Grandmother, My Grand Aunt, My Grandmother, My Mother and I: A Family Album.”
  9. Zheng Zou (Media & Arts, Art History), “The Forgotten Romance: An Art and Social History Study on Chinese Peasant Painting.”