Citizenship Lab Research Project: “Lawmaking in China: Motivations and Strategies Behind Legislative Proposals”

The Humanities Research Center’s Citizenship Lab proudly funds Annemieke van den Dool’s research project.

Student: This project will be advertised in spring 2024

Mentor: Professor Annemieke van den Dool

This project deepens our understanding of policy and legislative processes in China through a combination of desk research and interviews aimed at unpacking the motivation and strategies of delegates to the National People’s Congress (NPC) to develop legislative proposals, especially in the areas of health and environment. This project aims to address the following research questions: (1) How often do delegates to the National People’s Congress put forward legislative proposals? (2) What motivates delegates to the National People’s Congress to put forward a proposal to draft or amend a law? (3) What strategies do delegates use to prepare proposals? To answer these questions, the project builds on desk research and qualitative content analysis aimed at collecting relevant information about legislative behavior by delegates through collection of news articles, social media posts, blog posts, books, memoirs, and legislative records. The second stage of the project aims to complement this desk research with interviews.