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L’église de Maradona

Tout en regardant le film «Maradona» j’étais coincé par comment humain le joueur Maradona apparait pendant le film.  Je pense que le documentaire a fait un excellent travail montrant comment un joueur très célèbre comme Maradona est une personne normale avec des défauts et des problèmes à la fin de la journée, juste comme vous… Read More »

Argentine Soccer Politics: Fútbol Para Todos, Continued

Presidential interest in national soccer is nothing new to us.  With so much popular will and attention fixated on national teams, national soccer has long been mixed with executive politicking.  The recent World Cup has illustrated this phenomenon more clearly than ever, with notable presidential “arbitrations” occurring in the French, Nigerian, and North Korean football… Read More »

Año maradoniano: On Emir Kusturica’s Maradona

That Kusturica’s documentary Maradona, chronicling perhaps world football’s biggest personality, begins with shots of the director playing his guitar at a concert, is telling. Introduced by his band as “the Maradona of the guitar,” it is clear, in retrospect, that what comes after is as much a defense of Kusturica as much as it is about the greatness of Maradona.