Mia Hamm

By | April 1, 2020

Mia Hamm from Selma Alabama was a very great soccer player. Mia was a 5’5 forward/ midfielder for the United States women’s national soccer team. Mia played for the United State women’s soccer team from 1987- 2004 and was a two-time Olympic gold medalist and also a two-time FIFA women’s World Cup champion. Hamm is now a retired soccer icon and is still living around soccer today. She helps with soccer ventures such as “TeamFirst Soccer Academy” that she helped start with a couple of her former teammates. Hamm also helps with many other programs and companies around the world. She is part-owner of the Los Angeles Football Club, a global ambassador for FC Barcelona and has her own Mia Hamm Foundation to raise funds and awareness for families in need of a marrow or cord blood transplant and to develop more opportunities for young women in sports.” (Price,2019). Mia Hamm is doing a lot to keep herself busy and around sports.

Hamm started to play soccer at a very young age and became smarter and learned everything about the game like how it’s played. Mia went to North Carolina at Chapel Hillnd won a national championship every year she was there. Hamm did not take losing well, so she did her best to prevent losing from happening. During her time in college, her entire career she lost only one game out of 95 of them and she was the best player on the team each year. Hamm lead in all ACC statistical categories “She finished her college career as the ACC all-time leader in goals (103), assists (72), and points (278).” (Ducksters)

What makes her such a great player is her commitment to playing soccer from such a young age. Mia Hamm decided to stick with soccer and work extra hard at it so she could be such a legend. Her hard work carries on to her very own Mia Hamm foundation which is a nonprofit national organization. The foundation is to help young women who play sports .“We are excited that the Mia Hamm Foundation continues to promote opportunities for young women in sports, and we remain committed to helping marrow and cord blood transplant patients and their families cope with the difficult challenges they face each day.” Mia and her employees find ways to raise money to help women with marrow and core blood transplants. The business that she’s running is keeping her happy and enjoying sports like she wants because she learns more about how to help the young women who plays.







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