Superdeep #16: “ChatGPT and We” (with Tim Fitz (turnitin)) | Feb 1, 10:30am

IB 2050 | Zoom 69 79 89 79 69

Having heard much from chatty AI lately, let us humans do some talking again. Join us for a Superdeep conversation on how “ChatGPT and We” might carry on together. We’ll be joined by philosophers, computer scientists, and others from DKU, as well as special guest Tim Fitz (turnitin).

As always, everyone is welcome to join; no prior knowledge of philosophy (or computer science) is required. And, as always, snacks and refreshments will be served at the meeting.

For DKU faculty this will be the first of a possible double-feature that day, being followed by CTL’s T&L at lunch meeting on “AI-assisted teaching and learning” (12:00pm, IB 2050).

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