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English Premier League: We Have a Title Race!

Does anybody else miss the drama we saw at the Etihad at the end of the 2011-2012 season? It was Aguero’s strike that sent ripples through Manchester and the rest of England, as Manchester United were forced to stop their celebrations as news of a late extra-time winner meant they were no longer the champions.… Read More »

The Upcoming Transfer Market: Rumors and Speculation

There are some big players in world soccer who will likely change teams this upcoming summer. This list likely includes: Paul Pogba, Eden Hazard, and Adrien Rabiot. These players are all coming from different situations and this creates some interesting dynamics for their current teams and potential future teams. Paul Pogba: Pogba will likely leave… Read More »

Soccer and the Stock Market: C. Ronaldo’s Impact on Juventus

When soccer fans typically think about ownership of the top clubs in Europe, people imagine billionaires such as Roman Abramovich (Chelsea), the Glazers (Manchester United), and Stanley Kroenke (Arsenal). However, what might not come immediately to mind are people like you and me. Football clubs used to earn the majority of their revenue simply from… Read More »

Manchester United – Liverpool (02/24/19)

Manchester United et Liverpool se sont retrouvés face à face ce dimanche, le 24 février, à Old Trafford. Les équipes les plus accomplies dans l’histoire du football anglais se sont rencontrées pour la deuxième fois cette saison, à la suite d’une grosse victoire pour Liverpool à la première rencontre entre les deux équipes. Ce match… Read More »

Fred el Rojo y el Diablo Azul: Comparando Manchester United y Duke, dos equipos bien amados (y odiados)

“Oído, adorado, nunca ignorado” una bandera de un fanático de Manchester United … ¿o fue una de un fanático de Duke? Con el partido famoso del baloncesto entre Duke y UNC-Chapel Hill ocurriendo en pocos días, quiero tomar la oportunidad de examinar por qué se odian algunos equipos. ¿Existen factores comunes entre los diablos azules… Read More »

Marcus Rashford: Manchester United’s Young New Hero

After being knocked out of the Champions’ League Group Stage, Manchester United was 2-1 down after the first leg against FC Midtjylland and in danger of humiliatingly getting knocked out of the first round of the knockout stage of the Europa League. Going into the second leg at home on February 25, 2016, United immediately… Read More »