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Analytics in Soccer

Right now, there is a trend developing in sports. It started in baseball, then made it’s way to basketball, and has slowly integrated itself into football. Now, it is making it’s way to soccer. What trend is this? Why, sports analytics of course! What people don’t know, is that analytics have been a part of… Read More »

The Beauty of the Underdog

I can’t say that I have been a soccer fan for long. Growing up in Texas, most of my childhood was focused on football, basketball, and baseball. As a result, those were my favorite sports, both to watch and play. Throughout my childhood, I realized that there are teams that seemed like everyone disliked. These… Read More »

FIFA Approves Trials for Instant Replay

Two weeks ago, I wrote about how instant replay can help improve the game of soccer. It seems that my request was heard, because Gianni Infantino chose to advance technological innovation in soccer. How it works Tests will initially be in private before moving to a live-phase with replay assistance by 2017-2018 season at the… Read More »

How Instant Replay Can Improve Soccer

Do the officials need to get better, or should more technology be introduced to the sport of soccer? In today’s day and age, officials of any sport have been heavily scrutinized thanks to cameras that record every angle of every incident in a particular match. This can cause a slow motion replay to either prove… Read More »