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For Club or Country?

Today in class, we celebrated “Jersey and Scarf Day”; many of the students in our Soccer Politics class brought in their favorite piece of soccer memorabilia and shared their story about how it was obtained, as well as the extent of their allegiance to their respective team. The class appeared to be roughly split 50/50… Read More »

Premier League and College Basketball Team Comparisons

Earlier this week, in celebration of NCAA March Madness, the 68-team tournament that crowns the national champion of college basketball in the United States, Men in Blazers (the soccer-centric British podcast featuring Roger Bennett and Michael Davies) tried to deliver comparisons between the top 10 teams in the Premier League table to college basketball teams.… Read More »

Safe Standing in English Football

This fall, the famed British newspaper The Guardian published a critically-acclaimed editorial arguing that the FA should allow English football grounds to explore the possibility of “safe standing” sections of seating. Proponents of safe standing argue that these prospective designs adhere to all of the FA’s safety laws and guidelines. Safe standing is a staple… Read More »

Sport as a Vehicle for Change

This past week, our class focused on two superstar, transcendent footballers that were (and continue to be remembered for) both their performance on the pitch, as well as their use of their image and likeness for their perceived “greater good”. One, Socrates, the great Brazilian midfielder who earned his doctorate prior to his incredible success… Read More »