“Soccer Empire” Takes and Passes The Page 99 Test

By | June 11, 2010

As you can read here! Thanks to Marshal Zeringue for inviting me to take it.

Meanwhile, France begins in usual form, with a 0-0 draw. You have to have a strong soul to be a fan of the French team, I think. (A bit of self-congratulation is one way to get through the trials of the World Cup). What does it mean, though, that I’m actually feeling, unlike the chattering commentators, sort of good about the French team? That I’m stupid, or stubborn, or both? Or that, both early and late in the game today, I felt a brief moment of pleasure when they seemed a little light, smiling, playing well against a team the commentators kept calling “obstinate” — is that a good thing?

Of course I realize I’m probably on a fool’s errand, but I’m sticking with them until I can’t any longer (although I’ll be torn against South Africa). That way, in 2026, I can enjoy France’s next World Cup victory legitimately. Meanwhile, there are a host of other brilliant teams calling out for allegiance too…

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