WOMEN – South American Teams (2016 Rio Olympic Qualification Process)

Women’s Team – South America  by Derek Wei

The 2014 Copa American served as the qualifying tournament for South American Football Confederation teams. Two top ranked team, Brazil and Columbia, advanced to Rio.

1: Brazil

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History and Fun Facts

As the well-known soccer kingdom, Brazil never missed any Women’s Olympic Soccer Tournament, and claimed silver medals at Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008 twice.

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Brazil’s Journey to Rio

As the hosts, Brazil automatically qualified for Rio 2016 Olympic Tournament. But the team nevertheless competed in the 2014 Copa American games. They lose one game against Argentina during the group stage, but was still able to advance the final stage, during which they played a round-robin with Colombia, Ecuador and Argentina. This time they revenged Argentina with a 6-0 win, and eventually ranked the first in the tournament.

2: Columbia

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History and Fun Facts

One of the news appearance to Women’s Olympic Soccer Tournament, Colombia made their debut at London 2012.

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Columbia’s  Journey to Rio

Although wasn’t able to reach a win in 2012 Olympic Games, Colombia was undefeatable during the 2014 Copa America Cup. The team ranked the first during group stage, and came up second in the final round after Brazil (they forced a draw against Brazil during their final round matches).

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